Hola amigos! Erick, Patty and I are from Latin America. We grew up in a family and community where everybody dances; especially Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia and Reggaeton, which are the basis of Zumba Fitness. I have been teaching Latin fitness dance for 6 years and Salsa dance for 11 years to different age groups including children, and my passion for dancing and teaching encouraged me to become a Zumba instructor, and I have been teaching for 5 years to different age groups and abilities. 


Erick used to work in Cancun's (Mexico) most prestigious hotels as a dancer, performer and entertainer to different age groups and nationalities. Erick's passion for dancing and love for entertaining encouraged him to become a Zumba Fitness instructor and Erick has been teaching Zumba for about 2 years.  


Erick, Patty and I love teaching Zumba not just because it is fun, also because it comes from Latin America, and for us is a pleasure to introduce a big range of Latin dance steps, rhythms, as well as world international music and flavours, creating the right combination that will help you to burn calories faster, tone up, increase your endurance and shape your body.  We make sure that at every class you feel welcome, confident and happy!