NAME: David Snape
Class: Zumba Fitness
COMMENTS: Simply amazing feeling of belonging to a great group of friends. Maria is so warm and welcoming and Erick is enthusiastic and energetic. I was a bit worried about going to a class on my own but was welcomed. I loved it so much I went 5-6 times per week!! The exercise is good and dancing is fun and leaves you feeling on a massive high. I would thoroughly recommend this class to anyone and everyone. A great big thank you to Maria and Erick - Zumba and join the party !!!!!



NAME: Anne

CLASS: Zumba Fitness

COMMENTS:Zumba with Maria and Erick is fabulous. Something for every age and ability. I love it. My evenings (and days) have never been more fun. Weight dropping, fitness levels up, up, up. Made lots of lovely new friends of all ages. Maria and Erick are friendly, warm, welcoming and make us all laugh. If you're thinking about doing zumba I couldn't recommend it, or them, enough.

8 November 2014




NAME: Scarlett Lewis
CLASS: Zumba Fitness
COMMENTS: I started off doing just one class a week but it definitely wasn't enough! Every time I go into Maria and Erick's classes they are full with positive and such friendly energy, it's a workout in disguise! I wouldn't miss any class for the world, just those few hours of week that pull me away from everything makes me truly happy even more everyday!..... Thank you so much Maria Gonzalez and Zumba Erick Hernandez! .... can't wait to come back to Zumba in January!!!



NAME: Jan Cole
Class: Zumba Gold
COMMENTS: I love Zumba Gold and go to two sessions a week. All my aches and pains have gone and the music makes me feel good. Maria is a wonderful teacher. Thank you. Love Jan x



NAME: Kristy  Green

CLASS: Zumba Fitness

COMMENTS: Don't know what I'd do without my Zumba fix with Maria & Eric :-) Just love to dance xx




NAME: Molly Lowe
Class: Dance Entertainment and Zumba Gold
COMMENTS: As my Zumba teacher, I knew Maria was good, but her Latin American dancing at my birthday party was at another level. She looked stunning in her colorful and beautiful costumes. Her dancing was so lithe and graceful and full of expression. In particular I was thrilled by her belly dance. I have seen belly dancing before, but nothing so beautifully performed as this. Maria was like an exotic bird with isis wings. Her performance was loved by my guests and helped make the party go with a swing. 



NAME:Jessy Bloomfield

CLASS: Zumba Fitness

COMMENTS: love these classes, so much fun, good exercise and a great way to relax. Maria and Erick are excellent teachers, always happy and welcoming! Highly recommended - it's addictive : )




NAME: Celia Davis
Class: Zumba Gold on a chair
COMMENTS: My name is Celia, I am aged 59 and have multiple sclerosis. I would love to still be able to do a full Zumba but because my balance is not good, it is not possible but Zumba Gold-Seated (on a chair) is just perfect for me and I love it. Everything about it is uplifting from Maria's happy smiling face, to the music and the moves which we perform according to our individual abilities - we just have fun! If you think your dancing days are over why don't you come and give this a try and give yourself a boost.




NAME:Eunice Youngs

CLASS: Zumba Fitness

COMMENTS: Amazing classes, great instructors, full of energy, rhythm and enthusiasm! Would definitely recommend!!